Filter Papers Production and Filtration Mechanism

Hawach filter paper is used for removing contaminated particles from liquids and gases. The design of a filter paper must try its best to strike a balance among various indexes so as to effectively protect the system to be filtered.

Production of a filter paper
It is that a variety of fibers are soaked in the water-based adhesive and completely disperse, and then form a tightly bonded paper roll on the screen, through drying, dipping, and then trying to achieve an acceptable level of humidity.

In general, the filter paper used for diesel has higher precision and smaller apparent gravity. The application of glass fiber reduces the apparent specific gravity of the filter paper. Therefore, its carrying capacity is greatly improved under the condition of maintaining the same filtering precision as the whole wood fiber filter paper.

Filtering mechanism of a filter paper
1. Direct capture or interception;
2. Adsorption;
3. Impact and immersion;
4. Filter agglomerate.

The development of a filter paper
With the continuous improvement of papermaking technology, there will be more and better filter papers, whose application will be more and more widely.