Hawach 7 Steps Help You Choose the Right Filter Paper

1. Product No., for example BIO-1.

2. Pore size and flow rate, The bigger pore size, the quicker flow rate.
Fast: 60-100S/100ML @ 80-120μm
Medium: 100-160 S/100ML@30-50μm
Slow:160-200 S/100ML @ 1-3 μm

But filter paper is different from filter membrane, the pore size cannot be a certain value, these data only for your reference.

3. Ash content: Some filter papers need to be burned out during downstream analysis. Qualitative and quantitative filter papers are distinguished according to the ash value. Hawach Qualitative filter paper ash: <0.1%, Hawach quantitative filter paper <0.007%.

4. Basic weight:
Qualitative filter paper 80+/- 4 g.
Quantitative filter paper 97+/-7 g

5. Particle retention: 98% intercepted particle size, 11μm, 8μm, 2.0μm, Hawach offers more than 5 options.

6. Burst strength: a data to show the durable of the paper.
five options among 120 140,180,200 and 320 mm H2O

7. Dimensions: such as round, square, boat or folded, round diameter(mm) 70,90,10,125,150,180,240,270,300. Square size(mm): 60×60, 41×45.

More tips, just feel free to contact us!

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