Hawach Ashless Filter papers for Quantitative Analysis

Filter papers are designed for the preparation of samples and gravimetric analysis. Used for quantitative analysis, we have filter papers made of refined pulp and linter with alpha-cellulose content.

As the classic general purpose ashless filter paper with a medium-speed filtering rate, our BIO-40 high-purity quantitative filter papers are suitable for typical applications to include gravimetric analysis for numerous components and for all kind of pre-filtrations.

With a high rate of filtration, wide-pored, soft, spongy structure, extremely low-ash content, our Ltd BIO-41 fast-speed ashless filter paper is particularly suitable for analytical procedures and tests involving large particles or gelatinous precipitates.

With slow filtering rate and fine particle retention, such as our BIO-42 with Particle retention of 2.5μm and BIO-44 with particle retention of 3.0μm, slow-speed ashless filter papers are for typical analytical precipitates such as cold barium sulfate, lead sulfate, zinc and nickel sulfides, etc.

BIO-43 ashless quantitative filter with medium-fast filtration speed and good retention of medium and thick particles is suitable for gravimetric measurements in food and soil analysis, X-ray fluorescence detection, etc..

Wet Strengthened Grade Filter Paper
Filter paper equivalent to Whatman
10 Micron Filter Paper