Product Highlights & Core Techniques of Filter Paper

Due to secondary requirements of the qualitative filter papers in the lab, there is more rigorous demand for the quantitative, notably involved with those experiments in microanalysis and trace analysis fields. Followings are the determinants of product highlights.

Extractability of The Impurities

In an accustomed way, this characteristic is addressed as Blank Sample Background Value.

Hawach quantitative filter paper is generally applied to collect experiment samples and receive analysis with samples before and after the disposal procedure. If impurities are imported into the experimentation, samples brought from customers would be contaminated. Surprisingly, filter papers of Hawach perform remarkably.

First, the filter paper is manufactured by α- Cellulose and Cotton Fiber with high purity so that products possess a low ash content, which means a low-grade background value.

Second, the adopted management system of ISO9001 provides rigid quality control, so the stability of paper quality can be enhanced.

Last, certifications of CE and GTS is accessible, which are third parties to detect heavy metal ions.
Other Prominent Merits

Product VarietyMore options have to be supplied to purchasers among quantity and quality, standard and wet strong, and ash contents.
Product Diameter55/70/90/110/125/150/180/185/240/270/300mm