The Composition And Application Of Filter Paper

Most filter papers are made of cotton fibers and are made in different ways for different purposes. The key component of filter paper is cellulose. The pigments are a capillary function of cellulose.

The liquid rises along with the filter paper and shows very significant color bands: green is chlorophyll, yellow is lutein, and orange is carotene. Filter paper filtration is actually a chromatographic function. In experiments, the filter paper is used together with filter funnel and Brinell funnel.

Because its material is made of fibers, there are numerous holes on its surface for liquid particles to pass through, while larger solid particles can not pass through. The filter paper has good filtration and absorption performance and high compressive strength.

At present, the filter paper is mainly used in petroleum, pharmaceutical, industrial oil, industrial organic suspension to separate solid and semi-solid impurities. The filter paper is mainly used in the ashing weighing analysis test after filtration. The ash weight of each filter paper after ashing is a fixed value, while the qualitative filter paper is used in the general filtering function.