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ISO9001 & CE third-party certification
High purity and consistent performance
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Qualitative Filter Papers
The lowest price meets your most demand
Wet Strengthened Filter Papers
High quality, multiple materials and pore size available
Quantitative Filter Papers
Suitable for sterilization conditions
Cellulose Extraction Thimbles
High purity and consistent performance
Glass Fiber Soxhlet Extraction Thimbles
Completely free of binders or additives

The Chosen Guide of Hawach Filter Paper



Hawach Scientific Co.,Ltd is a well-known laboratory consumable manufacturer and supplier, the company was established in 2013, located in Xi'an, China, the starting point of the Silk Road, and the "Belt and Road" core area. The laboratory filter produced by the filter paper supplier Hawach have strong chemical compatibility, high moisture explosion resistance, and low ash content. Hawach offers different types of qualitative and quantitative filter paper. Hawach filter paper for sale have ISO9001, CE, COA and many other certifications, and the annual sales of filter papers have reached more than 0.8 million dollars. As a professional laboratory filter paper manufacturer, Hawach provides full range size of the qualitative and quantitative filter papers and supplied in sheets, discs, roll, as well as folded formats.

The Difference Between Filter Papers, Why Use Filter Paper?

Different from ordinary paper, most filter paper is made of cotton fibers is made in different ways for different purposes. Because it is made of fiber, the surface has numerous holes through...

How to Use Filter Paper?

Operation process: 1. Fold the filter paper in half, twice in a row and fold it into a 90° center angle. 2. Put the stacked filter paper into three layers on one side and one layer on the other to form a funnel...

How to Fold, Use, and Separation Filter Paper?

Fold the filter paper in half, and then fold it into a quarter of a circle. Fold it inward to a quarter of a circle. One-sixteenth, and then folded in the opposite direction, and continue to average the filter paper...

The Difference Between Filter Paper and Chromatography

Chromatography paper is based on filter paper as an inert support. Because the cotton fiber in filter paper has a good affinity for water, 20 micron filter paper can absorb about 22% of the water, and 6~7% of the...

The Basics and Types of Filter Paper

The different kinds of filter papers having different characters are made by different technics. So, what are the main factors in the filter papers selection? There exists four: hardness, filtration efficiency, capacity...

The Composition and Application of Filter Paper

Filter paper is mainly used in petroleum, pharmaceutical, industrial oil, industrial organic suspension to separate solid and semi-solid impurities. The filter paper is mainly used in the ashing weighing analysis test after filtration...

Certificates of Hawach Filter Paper

Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd achieved the ISO9001 certificate in the 2009 year and renew in 2021 years by TÜV Rheinland. All products are manufactured under ISO9001 quality management system.

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