A Brief Instruction on Extraction Thimble Size and Media Options

Extraction thimble sizes should be decided as per users’ specific applications. Every single size represents the particular practice of displaying the internal diameter and general length of the thimble in millimeters. Thus the extra allowance for the thickness of the thimble wall should be made when the external diameters are being calculated. The thimble should go through the narrower end of the top extractor socket, to allow 1-2 mm clearance.

Extraction thimble media options:


Cellulose extraction thimbles are made of superior cotton cellulose which can fit most Soxhlet extraction devices. Cellulose extraction thimbles can be used for the following purposes:

Fat determination of dairy products
Determination of pesticide residues in food products
Determination of organic compounds in washing agents
Extraction of additives from livestock feed
The solid particle like dust collection in air flows
Evaluation of liquid content in the concrete slurry

Glass Fiber

Highly pure glass fiber extraction thimbles are applicable for high-temperature filtration, up to 550C (1022F). Or it could be an alternative to turn to when the solvents used are incompatible with cellulose extraction thimbles. Glass fiber extraction thimbles can be used for the following purposes:

Gravimetric methods for hot environments
Gravimetric methods for acidic gasses
Extraction methods common to biochemical analysis