A Brief Introduction of Hawach Quantitative Filter Paper

Hawach Scientific is the production of filter paper professional manufacturers with advanced production technology and perfect testing equipment. Quantitative filter paper is suitable for a wide range of critical gravimetric analytical filtration procedures.
In the manufacturing process of quantitative filter paper, the pulp is treated by hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid, and washed by distilled water to remove most impurities in the paper fiber, so the residual ash after burning is very little, which has little impact on the analysis results, and is suitable for precise quantitative analysis. The amount of ash produced after ashing does not exceed 0.007%.

Products classify
The quantitative analysis filter paper produced at present is divided into three categories: fast, medium and slow.
There are two kinds of filter paper shapes: round and square. There are several kinds of circular stationary paper in diameter: D70mm, D90mm, D110mm, D125mm, D150mm, and D180mm. The square quantitative filter paper has 600mm×600mm.
Pore size : 2.5um/3um/8um/16um/25um .

Quantitative filter paper is mainly used for weighing analysis experiments after filtration, namely gravimetric analysis tests in quantitative chemical analysis and corresponding analysis tests. The ash weight of each filter paper after ashing is a fixed value. Qualitative filter paper is used for general filtration, namely qualitative chemical analysis, and corresponding filtration separation.