A Brief Introduction to Three Kinds of Extraction Thimble

The extraction thimbles are made of selected high-quality material, using highly efficient and innovative technology and highly homogenized molds. It contains no impurities and the product pore size is uniform. It is often used for Soxhlet extraction and rapid solvent extraction, or other phase extraction applications. Also, the high-purity, seamless extraction thimbles can be used in the following analytical scopes: including fats, oils, greases, pesticides, pollutants, other organics, plastics, and rubber additives.

According to the materials, the extraction thimbles can be divided into cellulose extraction thimbles, glass fiber extraction thimbles, Quartz fiber extraction thimbles, and PTFE cellulose, PTFE / quartz extraction thimbles.

Features and applications
Cellulose extraction thimbles: Suitable for Soxhlet extraction of organic ingredients; Ash sampling; Lipid content <0.1% (by weight).
Glass fiber extraction thimbles: Borax glass; High-temperature extraction or ash monitoring (500 °C); Acid prevention (except hydrofluoric acid HF)
Quartz cellulose extraction thimbles: Maximum use temperature 1,000 °C; After 900 °C high-temperature treatment, keep the weight stable; Conical for easy loading into stacks PTFE cellulose, PTFE / quartz fiber extraction thimbles: Durable, high-temperature resistant; Does not absorb acid gases; PTFE material does not absorb moisture; Small or no trace metal contamination.

A brief introduction of three kinds of extraction thimble

Wood pulp fiber extraction thimble
1. Quality wood pulp fiber materials are used, which not only has the characteristics of small pore size, large air permeability, low resistance, high efficiency, etc., but also a large filtering area.
2. Adopting international advanced folding technology, evenly spaced.
3. The endplates of the extraction thimble and the inner and outer protective nets are not only good in strength but also good in rust and corrosion resistance.
4. Closed-cell foamed rubber sealing ring with low hardness and high strength.
5. Application: powder recovery system for inlet filtration and powder coating lines of gas turbines, centrifugal air compressors, and other large units.

Soxhlet Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles
Cellulose Extraction Thimbles for Soxhlet

Long fiber polyester extraction thimble
1. The synthetic high-strength polyester long-fiber non-woven fabric material has a smooth tubular shape, the fibers cross each other, the openings are smaller, the distribution is more uniform, and it has good filtering performance.
2. The application of polyester long-fiber filter material not only makes the extraction thimble have better acid and alkali resistance, higher filtration efficiency, and lower running resistance. Compared with traditional filter materials, it has unparalleled wear resistance and high strength, burst resistance, pulse backflushing and other methods are easier to remove dust and can be repeatedly washed with water without damaging the filter material and prolonging the service life.
3. Combined with the anti-corrosion steel mesh support structure, the polyester filter material is tough and durable. The new open folding design increases the effective filtering area and allows the airflow to pass through the surface constantly and unobstructed.
4. Compared with the traditional filter bag, the filtering area is increased by two to three times, which reduces the pressure drop, improves the filtration efficiency and prolongs the service life.

Membrane-coated polyester extraction thimble
1. Use PTFE resin as raw material and use special technology to make a microporous membrane with a three-dimensional network structure, featuring high porosity, smooth surface, waterproof, good oil resistance, extremely low friction coefficient, and good non-stickiness, chemical resistance.
2. It has a solid and smooth surface, which can be filtered without the possibility of being torn and scratched by powder particles, and the dust can be regularly dropped.
3. The constant overlay filtering effect makes the airflow of the dust collector more stable, which improves the purification function of the powder utilization and recovery effect.