A Brief Introduction to Hawach Qualitative Filter Papers

Qualitative filter papers usually apply to filter at atmospheric pressure, which uses the ability of the material to remove particles to separate the liquid and solid of the sample. It covers most of the laboratory applications, is used commonly for liquid clarification and, sometimes, for qualitative analysis and purification of the deposits.

In the industrial filtration, it is commonly used to separate solids or extract liquids from solution as a filter material, not as chemical analysis filter paper. The Hawach qualitative filter paper has two categories: standard grade products and wet strength grade products. Users can select from either product depending on their requirements.

Standard Grade qualitative filter papers

Standard grade qualitative filter paper is frequently used in conventional filtration. There are several models of its different particle retentions and filtration speeds.

Usually, the slow filtration speed ones which have stronger separation ability by high adsorption are suited for the chemical analysis. In industrial, medium particle retention, medium filtration Speed models are especially suits to the analysis. Besides, the fast filter paper is thicker and has a higher load which can be used for filtering culture media and colloid substances.

Product parameters
standard grade qualitative filter paper

Wet Strength grade qualitative filter papers

Considering some special requirements of users, Hawach developed wet strength qualitative filter paper on the basis of standard grade products. The chemical stabilizer was added to the materials of this kind of filter paper to improve the breaking resistance significantly. However, wet strength is not recommended for Kjeldahl nitrogen determination for the nitrogen elements from the chemical stabilizer. Users can select any model to meet your specific needs.

Product parameters

wet strength grade qualitative filter paper