A General Description of Extraction Thimbles

HAWACH cellulose and glass fiber extraction thimbles are widely used in Soxhlet extractors and are a safe, convenient, and efficient method for the extraction of solid and semi-solid materials. Soxhlet extraction is more useful for solutions that are flammable, toxic, or odor-prone.

Cellulose extraction thimbles

The cellulose extraction thimble is made of high-quality cellulose lint with high purity, high mechanical strength, and strong retention. The standard casing wall thickness is approximately 1 mm (particle retention is 10 μm). The thickened casing wall thickness is approximately 2 mm for high retention and increased wet strength, dry strength, or special requirements (particle retention of 6 μm). The maximum operating humidity is 120 degrees.

Glass fiber extraction thimbles

High-purity fiberglass extraction thimbles are made from 100% pure borosilicate glass fiber for special requirements. Glass fiber thimbles are free of adhesives or additives and can, therefore, be used at temperatures up to 500 degrees or for solvents that are not suitable for cellulose extraction thimble. These thimbles are also used for contamination monitoring techniques (conventional particle retention is 0.8μm)

Hawach Cellulose Extraction Thimbles for Soxhlet
Hawach Additives Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles

Available in a variety of wall thicknesses for a variety of applications
Designed to work with most Soxhlet extractors

Chimney gas monitoring
Soxhlet extraction
Analysis of pesticide residues