A Glance at Qualitative Filter Paper

Qualitative filter paper is usually used in separating application that requires not only the high purity but the consistent performance. It can Intercept the particles to the maximum extent in the qualitative range, and irrespective of the amount present as well.

By definition, we recommend using the qualitative filter paper in analytical methods. The most efficient qualitative filter paper is suitable for chemical analysis, clarification of suspended material and soil-cement analysis.

Providing the correct combination of particle retention, right filtering speed and good loading capacity, we offer the whole range of low ash qualitative filter papers for the scientists in the lab. For the consistent performance and high purity, all of our filter paper is made under tightly controlled manufacturing conditions. And all the filter paper is produced with pure cotton linters, and the ash content is less than 0.006 %.

Upon your application and different filtration speed, you can find two kinds of qualitative filter papers: standard qualitative filter papers and wet-strengthened qualitative filter papers.