A Method of Quickly Making Quantitative Filter Papers

Background Technique

The wood pulp with a characteristic of single fiber, has been serving as the only raw material of the quantitative filter paper.
To improve its filtering accuracy, the pore size has to be reduced, which can increase the filtering resistance and shorten the practical life span, so it is difficult to balance every property like the filtering accuracy and resistance.
In addition, carrying low water resistance, this paper kind is easy to be broke even after a short period of filtration.

Core Manufacturing Steps

In terms of the shortcomings of current technology, the new method provides a quantitative filter paper with good filtering absorption performance, long life span, excellent water resistance and high compressive strength. Following is one preparation method of fast making.

Prepare the flow-in surface layer

Decompose acetate fiber and flax fiber in the fiber decomposer as the distribution of proportioning amount, and the pulp will be obtained by on-line grinding. Then following the prescription, slowly add waterproofing agent and wet strength agent to the obtain the pulp.
Place the slurry is on one layer of multi-layer flow propeller box and form it through a forming mesh filtering water and achieve the flow-in surface layer.