About Qualitative and Quantitative Filter Paper

Filter paper is a kind of paper with good filtering quality, which is usually used in an assay laboratory to separate solutions and solid and do qualitative chemical analysis.

Qualitative analysis filter paper usually used in some non-numerical calculations qualitative test of chloride and sulfate. While quantitative analysis filter paper are used in filtering which needs precision numerical calculations.

About quantitative analysis filter paper:

In the process of producing quantitative analysis filter paper, pulp processed by hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid is washed with distilled water, which remove impurities from the paper fiber. There is little residual ash content after burning, and almost no influence in analysis results. Two kinds of filter paper in shape can be chosen, including circle and square with more specifications.

About qualitative analysis filter paper:

Qualitative analysis filter paper can not be used in quality analysis. It can only be used in filtering, precipitation and general qualitative analysis.