About the Cellulose Extraction Thimbles from HAWACH

HAWACH cellulose extraction thimble is of high quality and is suitable for Soxhlet extractors and automatic extraction equipment from all well-known manufacturers.

Application of cellulose extraction thimble in Soxhlet extraction

Cellulose extraction thimble is a selection of high-quality cellulose long fiber or cotton wool fiber, which is made by using a highly homogenized mold. It contains no impurities and the product pore size is uniform. Extraction, fast solvent extraction, or other phase extraction applications are widely used in Soxhlet extractors. It is a safe, convenient, and effective method for the extraction of solid and semi-solid materials.

Soxhlet extraction is a widely used technique for the analysis of lipids and other solid-liquid Soxhlet extraction is a widely used technique for the analysis of lipids and other solid-liquid extraction in food and soil materials – often used for the analysis of fats and pesticide residues in food and soil samples, or for the determination of Oil content (Different from 1PS phase separation paper for oil content determination in oilfield wastewater).

Use in Soxhlet Extractor:

Soxhlet extractor, also known as a fat extractor. The Soxhlet extractor is composed of an extraction bottle, an extraction tube, and a condenser. There are siphon tubes and connecting tubes on both sides of the extraction tube, and the connection of each part must be tight to prevent air leakage. During extraction, the sample to be tested is placed in a cellulose extraction thimble and placed in an extraction tube.

Cellulose Extraction Thimbles for Soxhlet
Hawach High Purity Cellulose Extraction Thimbles

Petroleum ether is added to the extraction bottle, the extraction bottle is heated, the petroleum ether is vaporized, rises from the connecting pipe into the condenser, and condenses into a liquid and drips into the extraction pipe to extract the lipids in the sample. When the level of petroleum ether in the extraction tube reaches a certain level, the petroleum ether in which crude fat is dissolved flows into the extraction bottle through a siphon. The petroleum ether flowing into the extraction bottle continues to be heated and gasified, rises, and condenses and drips into the extraction tube, and so on until the extraction is complete.

Technical parameters
The cellulose extraction cartridge is made of high-quality cotton linters with high mechanical strength and good retention efficiency. The standard single layer cellulose extraction cartridge has a wall thickness of about 1 mm (liquid particle size is about 10.0μm). The double-layer extraction cartridge has a wall thickness of approximately 2 mm (liquid particle size of approximately 6.0μm) and can be used in applications requiring high rejection, high dry and wet strength, and high stiffness. The high purity of the material helps to ensure the reliability and reproducible behavior of the analysis results.

It is especially suitable for the extraction of organic compounds in reaction mixtures, foods, natural materials, paints and paints; binders in paint pigments; powder and tar in gas, asphalt, asphalt; determination of nicotine content.