About the Design and Manufacturing of Filter Paper

Hawach filter paper is noted for neutral PH value, strong water imbibition, high water absorption, and superior porosity. It usually used to filter impurities from air, oil, and fuel as excellent material of samples.

Hawach filter paper is an innovation that uses the know-how from advanced development, and the filter paper is a kind of energy-saving and pollution-free product. It can offer excellent physical performance, high efficiency of filtration, low cost and low weight. Main performance and technical data are supplied in the attached instructions.

Chemical Analysis

With scientific management, exquisite technology, and a good reputation, Hawach has won high praise of the customers in filter paper fields. Hawach filter paper provides good air permeability, excellent filter performance, and high ash storage capacity and long service life. The tensile strength, stiffness, pressure tolerance and other mechanical properties are much better in similar products.

Hawach is specialized in manufacturing filter paper, from weak to strong and small to large. Hawach adopts no spinning and weaving technique to manufacture superior filter paper, and the product performance fully satisfied the technical requirements of filter paper.


Hawach Scientific is always committed to manufacturing high-quality filter papers, which is mainly used for quantitative chemical and qualitative analysis. And the filter paper can also meet relevant filter separation and relevant purity.

The wide ranges of applications are in water treatment, environmental control, laboratory application, and process filtration and so on. Based on rich experience in the filter field and advanced engineer team, Hawach offers a versatile and flexible filter development and production capability. All these unique capabilities are designed to fulfill the needs of diverse volume and varied product requirements of the customers.

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Hawach makes unremitting efforts to improve performance and prolong the service time of filter paper, specific as followed, pure cotton linters or cotton linters with refined pulp are adopted in the production process, which presents a good retention and flow rate in applications. It is especially fit for retaining the fine precipitates encountered in analysis.

Hawach puts suggestion and requirement of customers on priority, and adhere to the principle of first-grade product, first-grade service to customers. Additionally, Hawach promises to assist you to overcome all problems in filter applications and suggest the best solutions for your filtration needs.

Easy to make filter paper?

Filter paper provides an effective means of removing as much of the contaminated particles as possible from liquids and gases and has a lower resistance limit to make it widely used.

It seems that the manufacturing of filter paper is very simple, which is nothing more than immersing a variety of fibers in a water-based binder to completely disperse them, and then dried, dipped, and dried again to achieve an acceptable humidity level.

The difficulty of manufacturing quality filter paper

Actually, to make efficient, the reliable filter paper is not that simple. Because different fiber types, weights, and thickness combinations will produce different filtration characteristics.

The characteristics of different batches of wood pulp are also different, but the production of filter paper should be kept the performance consist of different batches and rolls. What’s more, the range of weight, porosity, gas permeability and strength is required to be narrow.

A theoretically perfect filter paper should filter out 100% of the contaminated particles while providing consistent gas permeability. In fact, this is impossible. So, the design of the filter paper must be done with the utmost effort to balance the various indicators to effectively protect the system to be filtered.