About the Features and Usages of Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles

HAWACH provides customers with two main kinds of extraction thimbles, cellulose, and glass fiber. Today’s focus is on the glass fiber ones. The glass fiber extraction thimble belongs to the deep layer filtration, and its main purpose is to be used as the filter layer and directly added to the filter membrane. It is made of 100% glass fiber, with the characteristics of a high flow rate, and strong dirt holding capacity, which can filter fine particles. Compared with other fiber materials and synthetic materials, glass fiber extraction thimble has higher filtration efficiency and higher dirt holding capacity.

Characteristics of glass fiber extraction thimbles
1. Made of glass fiber, without adhesive.
High-temperature resistance: can withstand high temperatures of 500 ℃. However, the HAWACH glass fiber extraction thimbles’ maximum temperature can reach 600 ℃.
The large surface area makes the glass fiber filter paper have excellent retention capacity and a high flow rate.
Filtering difficult-to-filter substances or highly contaminated solutions can reduce the cost of filtration.

Hawach Additives Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles

The HAWACH glass fiber extraction thimbles can be used in Soxhlet extraction: when the temperature is higher than 120℃, strong acid and other cellulose filter cartridges cannot be tried. Soxhlet extractor is used in the determination of crude fat content in commercial grains and oilseeds, whose three major components are heating extraction, solvent recovery, and cooling. The heating temperature of the Soxhlet extractor can be flexibly adjusted according to the ambient temperature during operation and the boiling point of the reagent.

In order to achieve the purpose of rapid extraction, the sample of the fat analyzer is soaked and extracted repeatedly in the extraction process. The solvent can be recovered automatically, which saves a lot of time and greatly facilitates the use of users.  The extraction time is adjustable, and an alarm will be issued when the time comes.

Also, the glass fiber extraction thimbles are to collect particulate matter such as smog in the atmosphere. The effect is better when used with smoke collection equipment. It is suitable for stationary pollution source detection: smoke, and dust, such as cadmium, nickel, tin, fluoride, etc. from fixed atmospheric pollution sources; Fixed pollution source waste gas benzoic ratio, lead, pitch smoke, sulfuric acid fog, etc.; Ambient air and exhaust arsenic, dioxins, etc.

Note: HAWACH glass fiber extraction thimbles have three sizes(SLGET32120, SLGET2590, and SLGET2870). When the diameter is too large, the edge will extend under the sealing ring and cause leakage. When filtering more viscous and difficult-to-filter liquids, such as serum, multi-layer filtration is usually used.