About the HAWACH Cellulose Extraction Thimbles

Soxhlet extraction mainly consists of heating extraction, flux recovery, and cooling. During the operation, the heating temperature can be adjusted according to the boiling point of the reagent and the ambient temperature. The sample is repeatedly immersed and extracted during the extraction process to achieve rapid measurement.

1. Save the solvent. After completing a solvent extraction, the solution is heated, and the volatile solvent is condensed through a condenser tube, re-enters the extraction environment, and starts a new extraction process.
2. The degree of extraction is high, which can be extracted multiple times with a high utilization rate.
3. High raw material utilization.

HAWACH extraction thimble
The extraction thimble is mainly used to place the substance to be extracted in the glass container below, and then the solution is repeatedly immersed in the substance to extract the required components from the substance (such as pesticide residues from pepper). HAWACH offers two kinds of extraction thimbles–cellulose which is mainly used for indoor dust reduction, indoor toxic organic matter (L-phthalic acid), and glass fiber used for the detection of fixed pollution sources, like flue gas, smoke, and dust. Welcome to contact HAWACH to learn more.

Extraction thimbles are common experiment tools in the lab. Based on the material, it can be cellulose and galas fiber. The cellulose extraction thimbles are commonly used in the following: fat determination of meat and dairy products; determination of polychlorinated biphenyls in fish products; determination of free fat in food; pesticide residues determination in food; Extract plasticizer from PVC; dioxins extraction; Solid particles; concrete slurry content evaluation. Made of borosilicate glass, this kind of extraction thimbles can be used in the Soxhlet extraction apparatus when the cellulose ones cannot deal with it. The various dimensions provided by HAWACH correspond to the dimensions of the extract and will fit these units.

HAWACH cellulose extraction thimbles
Cellulose extraction thimbles is a Soxhlet extraction sample cell for quality control, scientific research, and/or analysis; it can easily and safely perform solid and semi-solid solvent extraction; the thimble is suitable for Soxhlet extraction and automatic extraction. All HAWACH extraction thimbles are of high quality and suitable for all well-known manufacturers. The cellulose extraction thimbles are made of high-grade alpha-cellulose/ seamless noble cellulose and linters of cotton, without any binding elements, which is high cleanness with 60% poplar fiber + 40% refined cotton fiber.

Hawach High Purity Cellulose Extraction Thimbles for Soxhlet Cellulose Extraction Thimbles for Soxhlet Soxhlet Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles

High-quality reproduction
Made of selected raw material
Monitored size accuracy
Consistent high porosity ensures fast flow through
High fitting accuracy for all available extraction systems
Superior mechanical strength
DOP Retention((% @0.3 um): good retention ability, which reaches 99.8%.
Heating temperature: 75 °C
Forming temperature: 10 °C
Forming time: 1Hour.
The background value is low.
Maximum temperature: 100°C

Extraction thimbles is frequently used in Soxhlet extraction with the following features:
1. Greatly improve the effective filtration area;
2. To ensure a low and stable pressure difference, improve flow ventilation;
3. The extraction thimbles are small and easy to install;
4. Particularly suitable for industries with large dust concentration.
5. Determination of fat in food and feeding stuff
6. Analysis of pollutants and residues in the environment
7. Inspection of incoming components of natural products