About The Use Notes Of The Extraction Thimbles

Extraction thimbles can be generally divided into cellulose extraction thimbles, Quartz fiber extraction thimbles, and glass fiber extraction thimbles.

Cellulose Extraction Thimble
Hawach cellulose extraction thimble is made of cotton linters and noble cellulose fibers, and is completely free from impurities. By adopting the most efficient and innovative technology, Hawach obtain a mold made of a single completely homogeneous piece. In application, the max usage temperature is up to 100 ºC. All benefits brought by Hawach in extraction thimble include but are not limited to competitive prices, fast delivery, good external presentation, high purity, quality control, and hygienic packaging.

Glass Fiber Extraction Thimble
Hawach glass fiber extraction thimble is made of borosilicate glass fibers 100%. The glass fiber extraction thimble has the same properties as the filters made of the same material. The max usage temperature is higher than the cellulose extraction thimble and up to 500 ºC. It is free from bonding agents and provides an inorganic binder.

High chemical compatibility, stable pH, and weight make it can work in different conditions. Additionally, the Hawach glass extraction thimble has the same benefits as said in cellulose extraction thimble. For fields of application, it can be used to control emission at high temperatures, prefiltration of gases and analyzers, and gravimetric analysis of dust in gases.

Technical Specifications of Extraction Thimble
Hawach offers characteristically high flow rates while permitting the retention of exceptionally small particles and excellent load capacity. Moreover, it also features a consistent wall thickness. All the extraction thimbles offer a series of advantages in a wide range of applications. Custom manufacturing is available for sleeves, tubes, and additional sizes. Hawach makes endeavors to build long-term customer relationships through quality control and excellent service.

Hawach Cellulose Extraction Thimbles for Soxhlet Hawach Additives Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles

Diameter Measurement of Extraction Thimble
Hawach extraction thimble measurement as expressed by our company is standard measurement of Inner Diameter (I.D.) x Height. Upon ordering, you can mention instances requiring precise outer diameter measurement for application in automated extraction apparatus. In choosing the appropriate extraction thimble for a specific application, careful consideration shall be given to the diameter measurement.

Now, we will talk about the use notes of the glass fiber extraction thimbles. Due to the characteristics of glass fiber, the following points must be noted when using it.

Use notes
Before use, check that the two sampling heads are slightly plugged and hooped, whether the taper is the same, the matching, and the clearance is appropriate. When the extraction thimble is loaded and unloaded, it is not affected by forces such as tearing force and shear, so that the mouth of the extraction thimble is not broken.

Extraction thimble should be used within the specified temperature range to ensure that the extraction thimble works under sufficient strength. It is reported that the strength of glass fiber begins to decrease, when it is heated above 200℃ and then cooled. After the fiber is heated to 510℃ and cooled, the strength remains only 35% of the original. The fiber can maintain high strength when heated, but its strength is greatly reduced after cooling.