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Filter Paper Factory

Production Conditions
Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd plant covers a production workshop area of 8000m², meeting the GMP requirements for manufacturing of medical devices, 600 m² 100,000-class cleaning room and 2400m² cleaning room. We have more than thirty lines for the production of a variety of lab scientific supplies and equipment.
High Stability

filter paper

products with high purity alpha-cellulose and cotton fiber, the product has low ash content and low impurity dissolution rate. The company adopts ISO9001 management system and has strict quality control links. Therefore, the quality stability of the filter papers between batches and batches is high. Safety test report on heavy metal ions, etc. with CE certification and GTS third party.
Range is Complete
Hawach filter paper products the range is complete, including qualitative and quantitative; we are qualitative standard grade filter paper and wet strength supplier; quantitative filter paper includes ashless filter paper and hardened low ash grade, and the product diameter type is various, which is convenient for customers to choose.
Hawach's Vision
To become an organization which adapting quality is first as its corporate principle by contributing to
the national development offering successful fair price/performance ratio, providing best services
for internationally approved products.
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