Advantage of Off-Line Ash Removal of Extraction Thimble

(1) The high-pressure pulse air passing through the filter cartridge can be effectively cleaned without a large amount of air, and the required pressure is low.

(2) The debris removed from the surface of the extraction thimble has enough time to fall into the ash hopper, and the probability of flying again is very small.

(3) The ash removal frequency of the extraction thimble decreases and the service life of the filter bag is prolonged.

(4) There are fewer pulse valves in the extraction thimble, which can reduce the investment and maintenance workload.

(5) The amount of compressed air needed for ash removal of the extraction thimble is less, which saves electric energy.

(6)The dust removal efficiency of the extraction thimble is high, and the dust removal cartridge can maintain low pressure.

(7)Adopting high precision, high rate, and low resistance filter material, rotating lock and pressing, and scientific filter material fixing technology with good sealing, so that the filter material does not friction with metal mesh as galvanized material, and the stainless steel wide fold design can be selected to meet the requirement of large ventilation volume. The deep filtration effect is good and the dust can be easily cleaned.