Application and Features of Extraction Thimbles

Extraction thimbles can separate gas from solid and purify the air in the cylinder to remove sand and dust, whose wind speed is a key parameter, which is generally considered according to the dust characteristics to be filtered.
Extraction thimbles can achieve a better effect of smoke separation, so that the machine could work in a relatively clean environment and then avoid problems affecting the normal operation of the machine due to dust environment.
Application of extraction thimbles
1. Used for dust collector;
2. For recycle raw materials;
3. The role of purification and dust removal;
4. All kinds of gas, dust and other test instruments;
5. Machine operation, agricultural machinery, textile, automobile and so on.
6. Industrial gas, environmental protection equipment, industrial oil, fluid power equipment, and so on.
Features of extraction thimbles
1. Small aperture, high filtering accuracy;
2. Smooth surface and easy to remove dust;
3. Excellent chemical corrosion resistance;
4. Anticorrosive and not easy to rust.
Different extraction thimbles have different characteristics and functions. The choice should be made according to the specific requirements.

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