Application Examples of Cellulose Extraction Thimbles

The cellulose extraction thimble is made of cotton fiber with high cellulose content, good mechanical strength, and excellent retention. Particularly suitable for the reaction mixture, food, natural materials, paint, paint extraction of organic matter; paint pigment binder; gas powder and tar, asphalt, asphalt; determination of nicotine content.

Soxhlet Extraction Cellulose Extraction Extraction Thimbles: cellulose extraction thimble is a Soxhlet extraction sample cell for quality control, scientific research, and analysis; solid and semi-solid solvent extraction is easy, safe and reliable; all extraction thimbles are high quality, suitable for all well-known manufacturers of Soxhlet extractor and automatic extraction equipment. We can provide OEM services.

The characteristics of the cellulose extraction thimbles: made of selected raw materials, accurate size monitoring, high-quality reproduction.

Application examples:
Determination of fat in food and feed.
Analysis of pollutants and residues in the environment.
Natural product incoming component inspection.
Polymer determination in the polymer (or polymer) industry.