Application Method of Filter Papers

When filter paper is used in experiments, it is mostly used together with filter funnel and Brinell funnel. The filter papers should be folded into a suitable shape before using. But it should be noted that do not over fold, because this will lead to the breakage of filter paper.

The specific operation process is as follows:

1. Fold the filter papers twice in a row to form a 90-degree circular corner shape.
2. Open the folded filter paper in the form of three layers on one side and one layer on the other, making it funnel-shaped.
3. Fill the funnel-shaped filter paper into the funnel, and the edge of the filter paper is lower than that of the funnel. Then pour some water into the funnel mouth to make the wet filter paper close to the inner wall of the funnel. Finally, empty the remaining water.
4. Place the funnel with filter papers on the funnel rack for filtration. Then, a beaker or test tube for collecting filtrate is placed under the neck of the funnel, and the tip of the neck of the funnel is placed close to the wall of the container.

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