Application of Soxhlet Extraction

The cucumber seed oil was extracted from the dried cucumber seeds by Soxhlet solvent extraction. The single factor experiment was used to evaluate the yield of cucumber seed oil. The extraction process of cucumber seed oil by Soxhlet extraction was studied.
The optimum conditions for the Soxhlet extraction method were as follows: extraction solvent was n-hexane extraction time was 8h, and cucumber seed mass concentration was 0.071g/mL. For the cucumber seed oil obtained by Soxhlet extraction, the fatty acid composition was analyzed by gas chromatography. The mass fraction of linoleic acid in the Soxhlet extraction method was 63.67%, the mass fraction of linolenic acid was 17.36%, and the other components accounted for 18.56%. In addition, the test results of the determination of trace elements in Soxhlet extracted cucumber seed oil further showed that the yellow extract of this experiment has great nutritional value.
Since the Soxhlet extraction equipment is simple and easy to operate, many substances are currently extracted by this method. However, due to its large workload, low extraction efficiency, incomplete separation, and easy to cause pollution, it is gradually replaced by extraction technology.