Attractive Aspects of Filter Paper

Features of Filter Paper

Different types of filter paper marketed by Hawach provide with increasing degrees of purity, hardness and chemical resistance. It is noted for the high standard for laboratory filtration and associated with good quality, reliability and completely customer service. The unique features of our filter papers make them the best choice for customers.

Easy and efficient clarification of liquids contains low to medium levels of fine particulates, fast flow rates with high loading capacity is combined with the retention of very fine particles. The smooth surface is beneficial to offer high filtration speed and good retention for small particles. What’s more, the particle loading capacity of a filtration system can be greatly increased by using it.

Medium Flow Filter Papers
Qualitative Filter Papers
Cellulose Filter Papers

Attractive Aspects of Filter Paper

In comparison with traditional filter paper, Hawach filter paper has some attractive aspects. Special parameters such as flow rate, pore size, filtration performance, and mechanical strength can be measured as required.

A fine capillary structure can absorb significant larger quantities of water, and the uniform micro-pore structure of the membrane increases the velocity of flow. In addition, all filter paper is free of imperfections and contaminations which would affect their performance.