Basic Properties and Selection Factor of Filter Paper

When choosing the right filter paper, it must be determined by the following four factors. First, the hardness, the filter paper will be wet when it is filtered, so in the long-term filtration process, you should choose a tough filter paper. The second is its filtration efficiency. The filtration efficiency is mainly determined by the tightness of the water-permeable pores on the filter paper and the size of the pores. Then there is the capacity. The capacity is mainly determined by the density of the small holes that seep. The denser the holes, the higher the capacity. Finally, the applicability, some filter paper production steps are very special, so you must pay attention to the application.
Filter paper selection factor
There are several main considerations in filter paper selection:
1. The effective area is large, that is, the filter paper use area is large, dust absorption capacity, small resistance, long service life, of course, the cost is also increased accordingly.
2. The thinner the fiber diameter, the better the interception effect and the higher filtration efficiency.
3. The content of the binder in the filter material is high, high filtration efficiency, hair loss phenomenon is small, filter material on the background of the dust is small, resistance is good, but the resistance increases accordingly.