Basic Requirements for Extraction Thimble of Soxhlet Extraction

Soxhlet extraction
In the laboratory, the Soxhlet extractor is often used for extraction, which is to use the principle of solvent reflux and siphon to continuously extract solid materials by pure solvent, which saves solvent and has high extraction efficiency.

Grind the solid matter and place it in the extraction thimble and placed it in the extractor. The lower end of the extractor is connected to the round bottom flask containing the leaching solvent, and the reflux condenser is connected to the upper end of the extractor. The vapor rises through the connecting pipe, enters the condenser, is condensed, and drips into the extractor. The solvent contacts the solid for extraction. When the solvent level in the extractor reaches the highest point of the siphon, the solvent containing the extract siphons back Flask, thus extracting part of the material.

Then the leaching solvent in the round-bottom flask continues to evaporate, condense, leach, and reflux, and so on. Liquid-solid extraction is the use of solvents to achieve the purpose of extraction and separation by using the solvent to have a large solubility for the required components in a solid mixture and a small solubility for impurities.
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Basic requirements of extraction thimble
The diameter of the extraction thimble should be slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the extraction tube, and its height should generally exceed the siphon tube, but the sample should not be higher than the siphon tube.

Method of extraction thimble
Take a piece of degreasing filter paper, roll it into a cylindrical shape (its diameter is slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the extraction cylinder), fold the bottom to seal it (if necessary, use a thread to tighten), load the sample, cover with absorbent cotton, and Ensure that the reflux liquid evenly penetrates the extract.

Using the principle of solvent reflux and siphon, the solid matter can be extracted by the pure solvent every time, so the efficiency is higher. In order to increase the area of liquid leaching, the material should be ground before extraction, and then wrapped with extraction thimble before extraction. In the vessel, the lower end of the extractor is connected to a flask containing the extractant, and the upper end is connected to a condenser.

When the solvent boils, the condensed solvent drops into the extractor. After the liquid level exceeds the upper end of the siphon tube, it siphons and flows back to the flask, thus extracting part of the solvent-soluble substances. In this way, the solvent reflux and siphon effect are used to enrich the soluble substances in the solid into the flask.