Brief Intro of Cellulose Extraction Thimble

Often used in Soxhlet extractors or automized extractors, extraction thimbles are widely used in the lab when multiple extraction cycles are required to dissolve the desired compound. With extraction thimbles, extraction units can reduce the operation time and make a complete extraction.

The cellulose extraction thimbles can be used in a wide variety of solid-liquid extraction studies, including lipid and pesticide analyses in food and soil samples

our extraction thimbles are available in cellulose extraction thimbles or glass extraction thimbles. The cellulose thimbles that we have are made of high-grade alpha-cellulose and seamless noble cellulose. The linter of cotton does not consist of any binding elements. The high porosity of the cellulose thimbles releases fast flow and its high fitting accuracy fits almost all kinds of extraction systems.

In a wide selection of sizes, our cellulose thimbles have Excellent mechanical strength and retention. With smooth interior surfaces, they have consistent wall thickness to support application needs. DOP Retention(% @0.3) is 99.8%, and the maximum temperature is 100 ℃.

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