Brief Intro of Filter Papers

Filter papers are essential to supply for the scientists working in the lab. Hawach has quantitative and qualitative filter papers to meet almost all the customers require.
The quantitative filter paper is widely used for the filtration after the filtration, which refers to the weight method analysis test and the corresponding analysis test in the quantitative chemical analysis. We offer ash-free filter papers for quantitative analysis, which are top quality, ash-free (ash content <0.01%), and with pure cotton fiber linter filters. And our ash free filters are sorted by a variety of thicknesses, with characteristics and flow rates from wide pore and fast to narrow pore, and slow rates too.

Wet Strengthened Grade Filter Paper Science Filter Papers Quantitative Filter Papers
Used to identify the properties of substances in qualitative analysis, the wet strength qualitative filter paper contains a small amount of chemically stabilized resin to enhance the wet strength, and avoid introducing obvious impurities into the filtrate. Our qualitative filter papers which have low ash content (0,06 – 0,15 %) are available for different needs and application in multiple diameters, thicknesses and filtration rates.