Brief Introduction of Filter Paper

Filter paper is a kind of special paper with excellent water-absorbing quality and filtration performance. The filter paper commonly used in the analytical laboratory is taken as a filter medium to separate the solution from the solid.

Now, the domestic filter papers can generally be divided into three types–qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, and chromatographic qualitative analysis. The two concepts of quantitative filter paper and qualitative are all available in cellulose filter paper and are not suitable for other types of filter paper such as glass microfiber filter paper.

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Qualitative filter paper is frequently adopted in qualitative chemical analysis and corresponding filtration separation. It is generally used to filter the solution in a qualitative test that does not require the calculation of chloride, sulfate, etc.

Quantitative filter paper is used for precision calculation of numerical values, such as determination of residue, insoluble matter, etc. After the general quantitative filter paper is filtered, it needs to enter the high-temperature furnace for processing.

Chromatographic qualitative analysis filter paper is mainly used as a support in paper chromatography analysis with fast, medium and slow speed.