Brief Introduction of Hawach Cellulose Extraction Thimbles

Acting as the solid material to extract certain substances with a solvent, cellulose extraction thimbles are often used in air and exhaust gas analysis for the separation of solid particles in the lab nowadays. And cellulose extraction thimbles are very popular in general Soxhlet extraction, such as indoor dust, and indoor toxic organic removal.

Suitable for Soxhlet-type, Tecator-type, and similar devices, Hawach high-quality cellulose extraction thimbles are made of pure cellulose that is totally free from binding elements. The high purity of selected cellulose always guarantees reliable and reproducible results perfectly. Their consistently high porosity ensures fast flow through. Due to their high fitting accuracy and wide selection of sizes, they can meet the needs of all available extraction systems and the various requirement for thimbles.

Common applications of our cellulose extraction thimbles are a determination by extraction of the content of free lipids in food, extraction of sulfur in gaseous masses, extraction and quantification of components in industrial products, and the extraction and quantification of protein or fats in grain, meat and many other matrices.