Cellulose Extraction Thimble Use in Soxhlet Extractor

The extraction thimble is made of high-quality cellulose long fiber or cotton wool fiber, which is made with a highly homogenized mold. Soxhlet extraction is a widely used technique for the analysis of lipids and other solid-liquid extraction in food and soil materials – often used for the analysis of fats and pesticide residues in food and soil samples, or for the determination of crude oil in cement slurries. Oil content (different from 1PS phase separation paper for determination of oil content in oilfield wastewater)

Extraction thimble use in Soxhlet extractor:

The Soxhlet extractor is composed of an extraction bottle, an extraction tube, and a condenser. There are siphon tubes and connecting tubes on the two sides of the extraction tube, and the connection of each part must be tight to prevent air leakage. During extraction, the sample to be tested is placed in a cellulose filter cartridge and placed in an extraction thimble. Petroleum ether is added to the extraction bottle, the extraction bottle is heated, the petroleum ether is vaporized, rises from the connecting pipe into the condenser, condenses into a liquid, and drips into the extraction pipe to extract the lipids in the sample.

When the level of petroleum ether in the extraction tube reaches a certain level, the petroleum ether in which crude fat is dissolved flows into the extraction thimble bottle through a siphon. The petroleum ether flowing into the extraction bottle continues to be heated, gasified, raised, and condensed and then dripped into the extraction thimble, and so on until the extraction is complete.

Hawach Cellulose Extraction Thimbles for Soxhlet

Soxhlet extractor main features:
1. When operating the Soxhlet extractor, the heating temperature can be adjusted according to the boiling point of the reagent and the ambient temperature;
2. The sample is repeatedly immersed and extracted during the extraction process to achieve the purpose of rapid extraction;
3. The solvent can be automatically recovered, which greatly facilitates the use of the user and saves a lot of time;
4. The extraction time of the Soxhlet extractor is adjustable.

The efficiency of Cellulose Extraction Thimble
The cellulose extraction thimble provided by Hawach Scientific is refined from imported inert cellulose long fiber and cotton wool fiber, using high efficiency and innovative technology highly homogenized model. It is completely free of impurities and provides uniform product pores, stable and solid quality, fixed-size accuracy, mechanical strength, and strong retention force. The cellulose extraction thimbles are commonly used for various Soxhlet extractions, rapid solvent extraction, or other similar extraction applications.

Application fields of Soxhlet extractor:

Determination of fat content in the aquatic product feed, determination of fat content in leather, determination of succinic acid content in Pinellia ternata, determination of polysaccharide content in Ganoderma lucidum, determination of residual oil content in chemical fiber, determination of fat content in shiitake mushrooms.

Hawach can provide different types of extraction thimble for your choice, If you have any questions about extraction thimble, don’t hesitate to contact us.