Characteristics and Possible Uses of GF Filter Paper

Filter paper plays an important role in the laboratory experiments. Glass fiber filter paper is almost immune to the moisture, and the time of the filtration is not very long. The glass fiber filter paper will be used to filter the solutions that block the filtration pores of the traditional filter papers.

Different specifications of filter paper are suitable for different specifications of appliances. And the glass fiber filter papers have high chemical resistance and biological inertia. The maximum usable temperature of glass fiber filter paper is 500℃, and it can be sterilized under high temperature and pressure.

And there are many experiments needing the use of the glass fiber filter papers. So which experiments will the glass fiber filter paper be used in?

You can use the glass fiber filter papers when collecting the samples from the suspended particles and the metal suspended particles in the atmosphere, filtering protein precipitate or the viscous liquids, air pollution detection, β-ray detection of atmospheric dust, prolonging the using time of the filter membrane as a pre-filtration and many other aspects.