Classification of Extraction Thimbles

The extraction thimbles are divided into three types according to different materials. Three kinds of filters commonly used in the world are cellulose extraction thimble, glass fiber extraction thimble, and quartz fiber extraction thimble.

Hawach extraction thimbles

Due to production problems of quartz fiber extraction thimble, few quartz fiber extraction thimble is sold in the Chinese market. Our company is mainly the first two products. Extraction thimble and filter paper are similar in material and function, and the extraction thimble is more convenient in special cases such as the Soxhlet extraction process because of its tubular structure. When there is no extraction thimble, filter paper can be used to fold as an extraction thimble (if necessary, it can be tied up with decreasing thread).

Cellulose extraction thimbles

Cellulose extraction thimble made of high-grade alpha cellulose/seamless noble cellulose and linters of cotton without any binding elements(60% high-clean poplar fiber +40% refined cotton fiber). These materials of cellulose extraction thimble ensure a high degree of mechanical strength and excellent retention capacity.

Glass fiber extraction thimbles

The glass fiber extraction thimble selects the advanced special glass wool. It has the advantages of high-temperature resistance, low weight loss, high efficiency, and strength.