Difference in Hawach Quantitative and Qualitative Filter Papers

Filter paper is used to separate solids from fluids by interposing a porous media through which only the fluid can pass. We can find two different types of filter papers: Quantitative and Qualitative. And for better results, you should learn how to choose the best type for your applications.

The filter paper can remove harmful dust, smoke, poisons, etc. from the gas, and separate the impurity particles from the liquid; it can also block bacteria, microorganisms and the like. It can also be divided into air filter paper and liquid filter paper from the use.

Materials and types

The filter paper is made of one or more of inorganic fiber, plant fiber, and synthetic fiber, adding the appropriate amount of chemical auxiliaries and fillers, and is made by papermaking technology. It is a kind of filter media and s a scientific tool that is porous and has good filtration performance.

Currently, filter paper has been widely used in various fields. However, because of the different types of fibers constituting the filter paper, the performance and use of the filter paper are different.

There are ordinary filter papers for general occasions, glass fiber filter papers for high temperature, and polypropylene filter papers for ultra-clean and so on. Based on the usages, it can be divided into paint filter paper, paint mist filter paper and grinder filter paper. In the lad, there are quantitative analysis filter paper, qualitative analysis filter paper, and chromatographic qualitative analysis filter paper.

Wet Strengthened Grade Filter Paper
Medium Flow Filter Papers

Selection of Filter Paper

Hawach Scientific provides you high-quality kinds of filter papers to meet your different demands infiltrations. Hawach filter paper is of high wet and dry strength ensuring the safety when samples reacted under high temperature and pressure.

The high permeability enables the rapid release of fluids while retaining particles. As an environmental friendly company, Hawach adopts the newest technology to produce new environmental protection filter paper, which causes no pollution and no contamination. Based on the inertial separation principle, the filtration efficiency can reach 98%, when fluids get through the holes freely, the particles will be absorbed on the surface of the paper.

The specialty of Filter Paper
Hawach filter paper is designed for low resistance and high efficiency, which is characterized in stable property, uniform fiber distribution, high dust holding capacity and strong strength. It is an ideal material for diverse filtration.

Free samples are available to enhance your confidence and strength of your determination. Hawach has full confidence in product quality because all production procedure is under strict supervision and unqualified product is completely eliminated.

Qualitative filter papers are used in common separation to determine and identify materials. Hawach qualitative filter papers are available in lots of combinations of different retention and flow rate for numerous laboratory applications. In Hawach qualitative filter papers, we guarantee that the amount of ash produced after ashing is not more than 0.13%.

Quantitative Filter Papers are used for quantitative analyses when the precipitate needs to be recovered in the application. They are good for pressure or vacuum filtration too. Hawach uses acid washing to make the quantitative filter paper ash-less and achieve high purity Papers. Compare to the qualitative filter Papers, the high wet strength of Hawach quantitative filter papers can stand pressure and vacuum filtration perfectly.