Distinction and Relationship of Different Filter Papers

Three Types of Filter Paper

Currently, there are mainly three kinds of filter paper: quantitative analysis filter paper, qualitative analysis filter paper and chromatography qualitative analysis filter paper.

1 Quantitative Analysis Filter Paper

In the manufacturing process, reacting with hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid treatment and distilled water washing, most of the impurities of paper fiber will be removed. So after burning, few residual ashes exists, which has little impact on analysis results.

2 Qualitative Analysis Filter Paper

This one actually has comparatively more residual ash, which only serves for general qualitative analysis and filtering the precipitation or suspension in solutions, but for quality analysis.

3 Chromatography Qualitative Analysis Filter Paper

Its major role is the support of paper chromatography.


Qualitative filter paper is applied to solution filtering, while quantitative filter paper is designed for filtration based on precise calculation numerical value. And treatment in high-temperature furnace is required after the filtering of quantitative filter paper.
Besides, concepts of quantitative filter paper and qualitative filter paper appear because of the cellulose filter paper, so they can not be adapted to other filter paper types like glass microfiber filter paper.