Economic Filter Paper Series From Hawach Scientific

The filter paper with high demand for industries such as sugar filtration, beverage plant, agriculture and air pollution monitoring etc.

Hawach Scientific launched two series filter paper product line, standard series for global supply to any market and meet most customer demand. Qualitative Grade (Grade 1, 2, 4,5,6 Wet strengthen grade 91, grade 113; Quantitative types: Grade 40, 41, 42,43,44,). The second series is economic grade with low ash content and back ground to grantee better analysis efficiency and more accuracy.

The economic series filter paper especially helps the customer from India, Turkey, Israel, Bangladesh and Pakistan etc save their purchase cost and the scientist also get excellent efficiency in experiments.

The filter paper in disc type for size from 55m to 185mm can meet most of the customer requirement, we also keeping improvement of our technique to R&D and do best to supply more expansive series to different customer.