Efficiency and Scope of Cellulose Extraction Thimble

The cellulose extraction thimbles, as known as Soxhlet extraction sample thimbles, are mostly applied in all kinds of Soxhlet extraction, accelerated solvent extraction, or other similar extraction applications. In general, cellulose extraction thimbles are some kind of safe, convenient, and effective extraction tools for solid and semisolid mass.

Specifically, the cellulose extraction thimbles can contain solid samples that are ready for extraction. In terms of liquid and semisolid samples, laboratory workers can use proper solid carriers to fix and load according to corresponding application methods. After the samples are put in an environment of significant amounts of solvent (usually organic solvent), the cellulose thimbles can provide the samples and solvent with an environment in which the two parts can be completely isolated as well as full contact with each other. Moreover, the components that can be extracted from the samples can be separated as they are dissolved in the solvents.

Hawach High Purity Cellulose Extraction Thimbles for Soxhlet Extraction

On the whole, the cellulose extraction thimbles have a variety of types and wall thicknesses, they are suitable for all kinds of laboratory applications that are designed for most Soxhlet extractions. In addition, the cellulose extraction thimbles can also be applied in the continuous extraction of semi-volatile analyte from the solid matrix.

Suitable for most of the Soxhlet type of devices, cellulose extraction thimbles can be used to separate individual components from a mixture of solids or semi-solids by solvent extraction.

Hawach cellulose extraction thimbles are made with 100% pure cotton linter fibers, which are neutral and fat-free. Their high mechanical strength and outstanding retention capacity guarantee reliable results for your applications. Cellulose extraction thimbles are also recommended as the Ideal tool for sensitive detection. When handling a solid-liquid extraction, scientists use cellulose extraction thimbles widely for analysis in the fields of environmental monitoring and food control, such as dust and tar determination in industrial gases, analysis of fats and pesticides in food and soil specimen.

With Consistent wall thickness, in the section of different sizes for almost all kinds of extraction devices, you will find Hawach cellulose thimbles offers them perfect performance in your applications. With high purity cellulose extraction thimbles, Hawach will provide you a safe, convenient and efficient extraction.

Scope of Cellulose Extraction Thimble
Hawach cellulose extraction thimbles are specially designed to hold solid to be extracted samples such as liquid and semi-solid samples, which are fixed and loaded with appropriate solid support according to the corresponding application method, placed in a sufficient amount of solvent environment, providing samples and solvents with an environment that is both completely isolated and fully accessible, and the extractable components in the sample are separated by dissolution in the solvent. A variety of models and wall thickness are suitable for a variety of applications for most Soxhlet extraction design.