Extraction Thimbles Products of Hawach Scientific

Category of extraction thimbles

In terms of the material, extraction thimbles series in Hawach are divided into three main types – cellulose and glass fiber extraction thimble. However, the quartz one can not be manufactured in China, so the other two are currently occupying all thimbles in the company. Additionally, extraction thimbles largely resemble filter paper in both material and function. It is noticeable that competitors from other big companies are basically Whatman, Munktel, and Advantec.

General Instruction

The whole experiment where the extraction thimble is involved is called Cable Exaction, which applies the thimble to place the to-be-exacted substance in a glass container and utilize given solutions to immerse the substance repeatedly until the needed element is exacted. For instance, exacting pesticide residues from pepper covers the principle.

Essential Applications

The extraction thimble also plays an indispensable in collecting atmospheric particulate matter(PM) such as haze. Usually, the thimble goes with other acquisition devices like Total Suspended Particulate(TSP) Sampler or Flying Dust Sampler. The former has kinds of large and medium flow, and the latter has been designed into types of whirlwind, centripetal, impact, and multilayer thin layouts.