Excellent Property of Cellulose Extraction Thimble

Hawach cellulose extraction thimble is of the advanced design team with excellent workmanship. Meanwhile, it features lightweight, high-temperature resistance, good heat insulation, acid, and alkali resistance, non-toxic, with high tensile strength and toughness. Moreover, the Hawach cellulose extraction thimble has higher electrical insulation and high-temperature insulation than glass fiber bushing. And Hawach cellulose extraction thimble has good dielectric properties, chemical resistance, and superior softness and elasticity. The cellulose extraction thimble is often used to adsorb solid matter and extract a medium substance from the extractant. And the extraction casing is also used for the analysis of air and exhaust gas.

Comparative Advantages in Performance
Hawach cellulose extraction thimble has excellent thermal insulation, low thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, and low heat capacity, excellent tensile properties, non-toxic and harmless without adverse effects on the environment, excellent high-temperature resistance and electrical insulation, and long service life. Besides, the Hawach cellulose extraction thimble also provides excellent corrosion resistance to acid, oil, and water vapor, and corrosion resistance to non-ferrous metals such as zinc.

High-Quality Materials for Production
Hawach cellulose extraction thimble is made of imported high-quality inert cellulose long fiber and cotton wool fiber. It is made of highly homogenized models with high efficiency and innovative technology. It contains no impurities, uniform pores, stable and strong quality, accurate size, large mechanical strength, and strong retention. Hawach cellulose extraction thimble is usually used for various Sox extraction, rapid solvent extraction, or other similar extraction applications, and is a safe, convenient, and effective solid and semisolid material extraction.

Hawach Cellulose Extraction Thimbles for Soxhlet Hawach High Purity Cellulose Extraction Thimbles for Soxhlet Extraction

Wide Fields for Application
Dedicated to holding solid samples to be extracted, placed in a sufficient amount of solvent (usually organic solvent) environment to provide a completely isolated and fully accessible environment for the sample and solvent, the extractable components in the sample can be isolated by dissolution in the solvent. With a variety of models and wall thickness, it is suitable for various applications for matching most Soxhlet extraction designs. Hawach’s products have been selected by the major testing institutions laboratory, quality up to the test standard, can be used as a substitute for imported products, greatly reduce experimental costs and improve efficiency.

Matters Needing Attention in Size Selection
In practical application, it is significant to select the appropriate extraction thimble size to match the normal use of the extractor, the difference between the inner diameter and the total length of the casing of different sizes is only a few millimeters, so pay special attention to the wall thickness when calculating the outer diameter. Extraction thimble should pass through the narrower interface of the upper section of the extractor, and the gap is 1-2mm, which is 5-10mm higher than the top of the siphon. Type 603 casing with high quality cellulose and 603g boric acid glass containing inorganic adhesive the composition of the casing made of fiber. For conventional automated extraction instruments, Hawach provides you with bushing adapters that match the size of the instrument to meet automated use.

Considerations of Wall Thickness
Hawach cellulose and glass fiber extraction thimbles provide with excellent quality and Purity. The standard thimble wall thickness is about 1 mm (particle retention is 10.0μm). Thickened sleeve wall thickness about 2mm, for high retention force and increase wet strength, dry strength or special requirements (particle retention of 6μm). High purity materials ensure the reliability and reproducibility of the analysis results.