Explanation and Selection Tips for Different Types of Extraction Thimbles

Regarding the filter cartridge, people give it many kinds of titles. For example, the powder recovery filter cartridge is also named for its powder recovery filter cartridge because it is made of polyester fiber filter paper and is used for powder recovery. Other names such as powder recovery filter, powder filter, dust filter, air filter, powder filter, air filter, dust filter, and so on. Below Hawach will compare the dust filter and air filter in many ways.

Different extraction thimbles have different characteristics and functions. The dust filter cartridge and the air filter cartridge are different, not only in the text but also in function.

Both extraction thimbles have the function of cleaning and cleaning the air, but in practical applications, the dust filter cartridge and the air filter cartridge are very different.

First of all, the dust filter cartridge is a filter medium separated from gas and solid. With the application of many new materials, the dust filter cartridge is widely used in dust removal engineering, such as industrial gas, environmental protection equipment, or industrial use. Oil, fluid power equipment, etc.

Secondly, the large function of the air filter cartridge is to reduce the wear of the engine piston and the cylinder. Install it in front of the intake pipe or the carburetor to clean the air in the cylinder, remove the sand and dust, and thus long machine life. Currently, it is widely used in machine tool operations, agricultural machinery, textiles, automobiles, and other industrial fields.