Extraction Thimble in Soxhlet Extraction

Notably, the extraction thimble has a special and common application to the Soxhlet extraction experiment.

About Soxhlet Extraction

The classical Soxhlet extraction has a history of more than 100 years, which is also an effective way of extraction and usually serves as a reference standard for new extraction methods.

Specific Usage Progress

To improve extraction efficiency, save time, and reduce manual operation, there has been the automatic Soxhlet extractor for extracting multiple samples simultaneously. Both the extraction time and temperature are required to be precisely controlled electronically, which makes the entire operation more automated.

Actually, automatic Soxhlet extraction is a combination of thermal solvent extraction and regular Soxhlet extraction. Automated Soxhlet extraction (ASE) needs the sample in the extraction thimble to temporarily remain in boiling solvents. When a certain given time arrives, the thimble would automatically ascend to the upper part of the solvent and then goes through the condensation solvent circulation. The process is almost the same as classical soxhlet extraction except for characteristics of the shorter extraction time and a higher degree of automation.