Extraction Thimble Installation and Application

Extraction thimbles are a kind of cylinder used for filtering gas medium or liquid medium, which are divided into three categories in accordance with the material: cellulose, glass fiber, and quartz fiber.

Cellulose exaction thimbles are mainly used for general Soxhlet extraction and filtering indoor toxic organic matter and dust.

Glass fiber exaction thimbles apply to a condition that is not suitable for cellulose exaction thimbles, such as a temperature higher than 120 ℃, or a strong acid environment.

Quartz fiber exaction thimbles cannot be made in China.

The installation of exaction thimbles

It is divided into vertical hoisting, oblique installation at a specific angle, flange installation, etc, and the commonly used automatic cleaning methods of which include high-pressure gas pulse back blowing and mechanical vibration.

The application of exaction thimbles

An exaction thimble dust remover has appeared in Japan, and some European and American countries as early as the 1970s. In recent years, it is widely used in cement, steel, electric power, food, metallurgy, chemical, and other industrial fields with the advantages of large effective filtration area, low-pressure difference, low discharge, small volume, and long service life.

Soxhlet Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles
Cellulose Extraction Thimbles for Soxhlet