Extraction Thimbles Dust Collectors

The extraction thimbles is a surface filter element. It uses the tiny air-permeable tissue formed on the surface of the filter material to block the particulate matter in the gas.

Hawach extraction thimbles are a commonly used dust-catching device, which has the characteristics of high capture rate, low resistance, and easy sampling in the flue. According to the material that can be divided into two kinds of glass fiber filter cartridges and corundum filter cartridges, the most widely used daily is glass fiber filter cartridges. The glass fiber filter cartridge is made of ultra-fine glass fiber, and the collection rate of dust particles above 0.5 μm can reach more than 99.9%.

The automatic dust cleaning methods commonly used in extraction thimbles include high-pressure gas pulse backflush and mechanical vibration. Pulse backflushing uses a preset parameter of the controller to give a signal to the solenoid valve, instantly opens and closes the solenoid valve diaphragm, so that the high-pressure gas enters the blowing pipe, and uses the rapid expansion force of the gas to shake off the dust on the surface of the filter cartridge. General gas pressure We set it to about 6 kg. Mechanical vibration dust removal is often used in small single-machine extraction thimbles dust collectors. It uses the shaking force generated by the eccentric device on the dust collector flower plate to remove dust. This action requires operation after shutdown.

Extraction Thimbles dust collectors appeared in Japan and some European and American countries as early as the 1970s. They have the advantages of small size, high efficiency, low investment, and easy maintenance. However, due to their small equipment capacity, it is difficult to combine them into large air volume equipment. The filtering wind speed is relatively low and the application range is narrow.

Hawach Cellulose Extraction Thimbles for Soxhlet Hawach Additives Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles

It is only used in the food and welding industries, so it has not been widely promoted for many years. In recent years, with the continuous development of new technologies and new materials, the companies in Japan and the United States have represented improvements in the structure and filter materials of dust collectors, making filter cartridge dust collectors widely used in cement, steel, electricity, In the food, metallurgy, chemical and other industrial fields, the overall capacity has increased several times, and it has become a large-scale dust collector (GB6719-86 type) with a filtering area of> 2000m2.

The best solution for filter bags easy to wear and leak, high running cost, compared with the existing bag type and electrostatic precipitator on the market, it has a large effective filtering area, low-pressure difference, low emission, small volume, and long service life. And other characteristics has become a new direction for the development of industrial dust collectors.

The extraction thimbles dust collector uses the extraction thimbles as a filter element or adopts a pulse blower. Filter cartridge dust collectors are classified according to installation methods and can be divided into oblique insertion, side-mounted, ceiling-mounted and top-mounted. Filter cartridge dust collector can be divided into long fiber polyester filter cartridge dust collector, composite fiber filter extraction thimbles dust collector, antistatic extraction thimbles dust collector, flame retardant extraction thimbles dust collector, membrane extraction thimbles dust collector, Nano extraction thimbles dust collector, etc.