Extraction Thimbles

Extraction Thimbles belongs to the surface filter element, which uses the minute ventilate tissue formed on the surface of the filter material to block the particulate matter. The extraction thimbles of our company can cooperate with Soxhlet extraction device for the extraction of compounds in solid substances.

The extraction mechanism
The Soxhlet extraction process is as follows:
Step 1, add sample into the extraction thimbles cylinder;
Step 2, add solvent into the flat-bottomed flask (water bath heating is usually used to make the solvent volatile);
Step 3, volatile solvents drop back into the fat extractor by condensation from the steam pipe to condenser pipe;
Step 4, solvent soak extraction thimble;
Step 5, when the liquid level of the backdrop is higher than the siphon 4, the solution (containing the extracted substance) is returned to the extraction bottle.

●The sample to be extracted is loaded into the extraction thimble and select extraction thimble that matches the size of the extractor when you put it in the extractor. Note that the filter paper tube should be close to the wall and easy to pick and place.
●Adding extraction solvent and zeolite to the flask for extraction.
●The height of the extract cannot exceed the siphon