Filter Paper Introduction and Type

Knowledge of Filter Paper

Filter paper is a common filtration tool in the chemical laboratory. Filter paper provided by our company is characterized in excellent quality, high purity, and good performance. The quality is guaranteed because all filter paper has passed the ISO9001 & CE certificate and produced under tightly controlled manufacturing conditions, the purity is ensured because all filter paper is made from pure cotton linter and the ash content is less than 0.006%, the performance is good because retention and flow rate is moderate.

Types of Filter Paper

Our filter paper falls into two categories, one is qualitative filter paper, and the other is quantitative filter paper. Both of them are completely compatible with the prior art and overcome more complicated structure in the existing technology. The former is subdivided into two kinds, that is, standard qualitative filter papers and wet-strengthened qualitative filter papers.

Besides, when in practical use, the qualitative filter paper is suitable for qualitative analysis, and quantitative filter paper is used for quantitative analysis. The difference between quantitative filter paper and qualitative filter paper is mainly due to the amount of ash produced after ash.