Filter Paper Knowledge

Most filter papers are made of cotton fibers and are produced in different ways for different applications. Because the material is made of fibers, it has many holes in the surface through which liquid particles can pass, while larger solid particles cannot. This property allows the separation of mixed liquid and solid materials.

Do you know how to make nanocellulose/polyvinyl alcohol packaging composites from waste filter paper? Objective To study the feasibility of using mechanical method to treat waste filter pulp to prepare functional packaging composites. Two different sizes of cellulose nanofibrils (CNFs) were separated from the untreated and acetic acid pretreated waste filter pulp by grinding and high pressure homogenization. The suspension was filtered into a membrane and prepared by impregnation. Two kinds of CNFs/PVA composite membranes were tested for their mechanical properties and light transmittance. Results The field emission scanning electron microscopy (SEM) showed that the diameter of cellulose fibrils of untreated filter pulp was between 300 and 500 nm. The diameter of filaments after acetic acid pretreatment was significantly reduced, mainly between 60 and 100 nm. The acetic acid pretreatment filter paper CNFs/PVA composite film has good mechanical properties and transparency. The tensile strength is up to 90.45 MPa, which is 201% higher than PVA, the light transmittance is 81.3%, and the PVA is 10.3% lower. The performance comparison of CNFs/PVA composites prepared by the two methods shows that the performance of CNFs membranes after pretreatment with acetic acid is obviously improved, and the enhancement effect on PVA is better. It can be used as high-strength and high-transparent packaging materials.Preparation of nanocellulose/polyvinyl alcohol packaging composites from waste filter paper.

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