Filter Paper Packaging And Classification

Filter Paper is a tool commonly found in chemical laboratories for separation of two-phase, and usually round in shape. To filter two phases so as to separate and purify matter, most of the filter paper is made of cotton fiber and is made in different ways for different purposes. Because of the fiber material itself, the surface has numerous holes through which liquid particles can pass, while larger solid particles cannot.

Packaging and classification
The photo and packaging of the company filter paper are shown below. Filter paper can be divided into two types: qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative filter paper, as the name suggests, mainly determines what the components are. Quantitative filter paper, briefly, is to determine the composition and content of components.

Wet Strengthened Grade Filter Paper
Cellulose Filter Papers
Filter paper equivalent to Whatman

Difference between the qualitative and quantitative filter paper

The laboratory does not have high technical requirements for the qualitative filter paper, but for the quantitative filter paper, especially in the field of some trace, trace analysis experiments, the background value of filter paper is more demanding. Thus, the qualitative filter paper is often used for qualitative chemical analysis and corresponding filtration separation. While quantitative filter paper is mainly used in quantitative chemical analysis gravimetric analysis test and the corresponding analysis test.