Four kinds of Common Filter Papers

Here we talk about the following four kinds of common filter papers about their constitution and characteristic that we can distinguish them.

The first one is PP filter paper. PP filter paper is made from polypropylene as the raw material through a proprietary hot melt process, which generates a new type of filter material. There are many advantages of this filter paper. It is anti-acid and anti-alkali, which helps its corrosion preventive characteristics. And it’s also poison-free and odor-free, low-resistance but high-efficiency. How could we identify this kind of filter paper? Although it is easy for us to tear by our hands, it still has a certain strength. Its color is an off-white color.

The second is PET filter paper, which is made from several materials including polyester resins. This filter paper is better in hardness、stiffness and stability. It has corrosion resistance and thermostability. As to this filter paper, it’s too hard for us to tear open.

The third is compound filter paper. What is the compound filter paper? It is that we put PP high-efficiency membranes onto the PET materials through the hot-melt adhesive or some other methods. We can identify it directly. This filter paper consists of two layers of different materials. One is PET as backing material, the other is PP, which is soft. And the compound filter paper is hard to tear because it has the characteristic of hardness and stiffness from PET.

The last one is high-performance glass fiber filter paper. It is often used for the nuclear industry in the past. Although it has excellent performance infiltration, it is difficult to handle and deal with. We can tear it quite easily. However, we couldn’t see it usually in daily life.